Westchester Library System Advocacy Network

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From time to time we send out action alerts when legislators need to hear your opinion as a library patron. May we email you these?

The following emails will be sent:

County legislators:

  • Hon. Lyndon Williams, Legislator, 13th District (williams@westchesterlegislators.com) (shown)
  • Hon. Bernice Spreckman, Legislator, 14th District (spreckman@westchesterlegislators.com)
  • Robert P. Astorino, Westchester County Executive (ec@westchestergov.com)

Dear Hon. Lyndon Williams,

Thank you for supporting the Mount Vernon Public Library. Our library
offers the chance to:

- Read books that I couldn't otherwise afford

- Use computers-even WiFi-to surf the Web, complete online applications,
send email, and do research

- Let children participate in story hours to improve their reading and
listening skills

- Learn new skills through online programs for language, GED practice
exams, job search and interview skills

- Experience culture through musical concerts, art exhibits and other

- Find a quiet, safe space for working or relaxing

- Download audio and e-books even from my own home!

Our library plants seeds for the educational and recreational growth of
every single one of your constituents. We need you to ensure its
continued financial support.


[your name]